Publisher(s): Cardiff Metropolitan University
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The International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport is published on behalf of the Centre for Performance Analysis, Cardiff School of Sport at Cardiff Metropolitan University and in association with the International Society of Performance Analysis in Sport. The emphasis is on the analysis of actual performance in sport and exercise. Studies using observational methods, biomechanical analysis, self-report emanating from actual sports performance,
qualitative observation and measurements such as heart rate response during actual sports performance are all within the scope of the journal. Laboratory studies of key techniques within sports are also of interest where such techniques are clearly important and cannot be analysed in detail during actual competition. Such techniques include tennis serves and golf swings. There may be other contributions that do not analyse sports performance at all that are within the scope of the journal. For example, interview studies or meta-analyses may lead to theoretical contributions explaining the nature of sports performance, tactics used and factors influencing performance. Review articles relevant to sports performance are also welcome. Other topics covered include technologies such as design of analysis systems, sports equipment, research into training, and modelling and predicting performance.